64 players fight for victory in the largest Battlefield map to date, while the unrelenting firestorm shrinks around them, destroying everything in its path.

Game Lobby

For most of this project I worked on the Firestorm lobby. This is a unique feature of the Firestorm mode that other Battlefield modes don't have. After a squad has gone through the matchmaking flow they arrive in a lobby space where they can choose their class and then test out their weapons and hangout with other players while waiting for the server to be full.

As this is the first experience that a new player will have of Firestorm I needed to ensure that it was flawless. My work covered the design and engineering of the flow from the moment the player entered the server all the way until their character jumps out of the plane above the Firestorm map. I put an extensive amount of time and effort into testing this flow to ensure that there were no bugs.

Armour System

Another feature that I got the opportunity to contribute to is the armour system in Firestorm. This system emerged quite late in production so it was necessary to jump on the design and implementation as quickly as possible. I worked with designers to establish how the armour vests and plates would function in the mode. Each player starts with a small armour vest which can contain a single armour plate, each armour plate adds additional health to a soldier. Finding larger vests allows players to equip more plates (up to a total of 3 plates which equates to 150 more health).