Free your friends and bring back the water!

Tumball is a challenging arcade-puzzle-platformer with 30 levels over 3 stages. Each stage brings something new to the game. The first stage introduces the main mechanic; bouncing the main character a 'Tumball' around the map by firing it from pipes or gradually redirecting it with the mouse. The second stage brings hazards into the game that the player has to carefully avoid. The last stage adds mechanisms and dynamic fluid physics to increase the puzzle complexity.

Tumball originally started life as a very different game, without a cute character and bright appealing colour scheme. After getting feedback from playtesters I found that there was no incentive to play and the levels were boring, so I redesigned the entire graphical style. I added more colour, more personality, and a simple story to get the ball rolling (excuse the pun). A few months later and we got Tumball!

Download for Windows